flipflop   04-07-2024, 08:31 PM
Good morning, nice theme.

I've turned off "Classic Mode" but profiles are still on the left, is it not available in this theme ?

Thank you.
Matty   04-07-2024, 11:22 PM
Hi there,

Unfortunately, no. As the Curves UI theme is based off the 1.9 theme, that feature has been omitted to keep in line with the 1.9 theme.
flipflop   05-07-2024, 01:52 AM
Ok that's a shame my forum has had them on the top for 15 years, a lot of my members are older people and I don't think they would like the change.

But thank you for trying to give us a responsive theme, I just wish their was a simple way of making our own themes responsive. 

Good luck with it, it looks good.
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